Advanced Powder Metallurgy (APM)

Powder metallurgy(P/M) is a popular metal processing technology used to produce dense and precision components. Now, P/M plays an important role as one of the manufacturing processes of materials and products in high industrialized society. The biggest advantage of P/M is to be able to shape the powder directly into near net end product having a significant degree of materials properties, composition, thermal processing and microstructure. This provides properties that do not achieved by the melting method. In addition, there is an economical benefit allowing volume production. Advanced powder metallurgy explores a range of materials and techniques used for powder metallurgy and the use of this technology across of application areas.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to)
  • Production of powder and particulate materials (micron or nano size powders)
  • Aerosol and colloidal process for P/M application
  • Powder handling and operations
  • Powder and P/M materials characterization
  • Powder shaping and consolidation
  • Powder sintering and densification process
  • Special process for high performance P/M materials(HIP, laser or plasma process, etc.)
Invited speakers (tentative) include
Symposium Organizers

Dr. Sangsun YANG
Korea Institute of Materials Science, Powder & Ceramics Division
Tel 82-55-280-3517, Fax 82-55-280-3289

Prof. Jan KAZIOR
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Krakow University of Technology, Poland

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