Additive Manufacturing(3D Printing) and MIM (AIM)

In PM industries, the net shaping of complex and precision parts has been an important issue in last decades. This session covers the recent technological development of powder net shaping research fields, such as Metal Injection Molding (MIM) and Additives Manufacturing (AM) or 3D printing. Especially, metallic AM process is a rising manufacturing process with metal powders and rapidly penetrating into PM industries as a new conceptual powder processing. This session provides the design of powder materials and processes, manufacturing processing, microstructural investigation with mechanical properties, and related post treatment, etc in MIM and AM technologies.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to)
  • Powder synthesis for MIM and AM (3D printing)
  • Fabrication of feedstock and compounds/composites
  • Manufacturing processes of MIM and AM
  • Microstructures and properties of MIMed and AMed body
  • Related post treatment (milling, HIP, heat treatment etc.)
Invited speakers (tentative) include
  • Prof. Qian Ma (Royal Melbourne Inst. Of Tech. Univ., Austrailea)
  • Prof. H. P. Tang (Northwest Inst. For Nonferrous Metal Reserch, China)
Symposium Organizers

Dr. Ji Hun YU
Korea Institute of Materials Science, Powder & Ceramics Division, Republic of Korea
Tel 82 55 280 3576, Fax 82 55 280 3289

Dr. Suk Hoon KANG
Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Republic of Korea
Tel 82-42-868-8644 Fax 82-42-868-8549

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